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Preventing Frozen Pipes

With winter on it's way and almost here it is important to be ready for the cold weather to come. Dealing with pipes freezing or bursting can be costly and inconvenient, that is why it is crucial to take some preventative steps to stop this from happening.

One of the most helpful things when trying to prepare your pipes for the cold is to know your system. Having a professional plumber audit your plumbing system for freezing risks will give you the information you otherwise would not have, such as where your pipes are most susceptible to the cold.

Once You understand where your plumbing system needs attention, you can begin preparing it. One of the most effective ways to stop pipes from freezing is to wrap them in foam insulation or heated tape. Having quality insulation around your plumbing system greatly decreases the chances of pipes freezing and bursting.

Some simple solutions for reducing the chances of frozen pipes is to open your cabinet doors below your sink overnight to expose the pipes to the heat of the house. This can make a huge difference when the outside temperatures are much lower than that of your house. That last simple tip is to leave the water running continuously, just a few drops a second to a little stream will do. While this method will waste water, it can save you from having to deal with frozen or burst pipes.

Dealing with Frozen or Burst Pipes

If you suspect that a pipe has froze or burst don't hesitate to call Jr Plumbing for our 24/7 emergency plumbing service. If a pipe is frozen or burst here are the first things you should do:

  1. Turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve, this is usually found where the main line meets the house or at the water meter. This is the most important step because it can save you from extensive flooding damage.

  2. Call your plumber to see when they can get to you and start fixing your plumbing system or find where the pipe is frozen and thaw it out. If you try to thaw out your pipes on your own do not use any open flames and be cautious of using electrical appliances while in water because this could start a home fire or electrocute you.

Being ready for the worst case scenario for your plumbing system before winter sets in is a great thing to be in practice of and can save you from many expenses and hassle.